Why are you online?

Whether you’re a brand new business owner, trying to find your way through the online landscape, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong, established brand, if you’re not connected with your clients online, it can be frustrating. Every where you look there’s someone selling you a course with a different strategy. How do you know what to choose? How do you decide what will help you and your passion connect with the clients and customers who need that magic you bring into their world?

Are you currently using Social Media to talk to your customers? Have you thought about what it is you’re telling them with that conversation? Too many times, people misunderstand what people are using Facebook and Instagram for. As a business owner, remember it’s not about you. Your product or service is ALWAYS about your customer if you’re hoping to make a fan, someone who will come back again and again and tell others how awesome you are. You MUST be all about them and what they need. This applies in the online spaces as well. Why do they read your blog? Why do they follow you on Facebook? Why would they like your pictures on Instagram?

Tell people the story of your business, your products and services with your pictures and posts. Help them solve the problems they need your help with in a meaningful way according to each space you’re trying to connect with them in. People need your help. Show up for them and they’ll show up for you. And when you need help understand what that looks like, that’s what Renegade Virtual Services does.

We connect your business genius with the people who need it. We help you define what that online space looks like for your unique business needs and goals. We are here to help you focus on what you do best, so you can do more of it.